Jun 30, 2008

An evaluation of website in the government organization of Bangladesh:

Website is a collection of Web pages. In other word-‘A collection of interlinked web pages with a related topic, usually under a single domain name’. If you were to create more than one Web page and link them all together they become a Web site. Example: An online diary is a collection of Web pages with each page being about a different day.
A location on the World Wide Web, usually prepared and maintained (by one or more Webmasters) as a collection of information by a person, group, or organization. Web sites have Internet addresses. For example, the Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board's address is
Each Web site contains a home page, which is the first document users see when they enter the site. The site might also contain additional documents and files. Each site is owned and managed by an individual, company or an organization.


There are many advantages of having a website. The Top 10 Advantages of having a website are-
• One can publicize his business, service or products to millions of potential customers. Having a website can increase your sales.
• One can update your website with your latest news or prices much easier and cheaper than print based media. A website can save you a lot of money in communication and administration costs.
• One can link your website with other advertising campaigns therefore creating brand awareness.
• One's business can advertise and publicize on the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
• One's business now has an extra outlet for taking orders.
• Websites are easier and cheaper to change / update, than conventional print based media. EASE-Z, The Zephyr Content Management System can be set-up so that you can update any section of your website, when ever you want as often as you want.
• Websites make it easier for customers to do business with one. These customers can be global or local.
• One can compete with other companies in your market area.
• One can now place your website address on your business card to enhance your image.
• One can use your website to network with other companies and build better business relationships, locally and around the world.


A good website has many characteristics. The main characteristics are mention below-
• A good site should have information, advice, and humor.
• A good site should have graphics sparingly
• A good site should be easy to read and quick response time
• A good site should be interactive
• A good site should provide credible, original content in as many forms as possible.
• A good site should provide valuable, timely information to the user, not lots of data.
• A good site should share everything you learn.
• A good site uses an iterative design approach.
• A good site provides useful content.
• A good site ensures visual consistency.
• A good site use black text on plain, high-contrast backgrounds.


BTTB is one of the most important sectors of our govt. service. But many people think that it’s a neglected and delay area of govt. service and in other aspects as well as Govt. revenue. But I was very interested about BTTB after declaration of BTTB mobile phone. When I was asked to work with any Govt. organizations website, then I decided to work about Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s


Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board is the govt. organization. Its main function is to provide the telegraph & telephone service to the people as well as run the business. Its website’s name is The website is full of the data and information of the Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board. The website provides data and information about the following things-
Organizational structure of BTTB, regulatory framework telecommunication, Operators in Bangladesh, Availability of telecommunication service, Nationwide dialing, Overseas telecommunication service, Planning and developing activities, Revenue income of different years, Revenue collection, Human resource development, ISD call rates, NWD call rates, Internet, DDN, PSDN rates, Telex rates, Internet service, About Internet, How to apply it, Its fees and rates, Application form, Hunting numbers, Configuration, Password change procedure, FAQ, bd registration , Frequently asked questions, bd Registration , PF version, Detailed description about Bangladesh National Telecommunications Policy 1998, BTTBnet Download centre and its different things to download-software and different types of form, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), Details contact address and etc.


There are many strength of this website. These strength are mention below-

1. Overall description:
In Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website provide overall description about Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board. It means people can easily take a concept about the Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board.

2. Available articles:
Many kinds of articles are presented in the Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website which is very helpful to the customer and regarding person.

3. Business related data:
There is much economic information that means its business related data are presented in the website in a way so that visitor can easily understand that data.

4. Related things:
This web site provides sufficient investment idea to the people who are in the country or outside of the country .People can also know the tax exemption area from this web site.

5. Downloadable form:
Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website provide a chance to the people
Or its customer to download necessary form only by a click. For it, people will have
not to go to BTTB office to collect a simple form. It saves money & time.

6. More contact no:
In Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website, there is much contact address. For this reason people can easily contact any responsible person of the organization.

7. Easily accessible:
People can access into this website at any time easily and faster without any complexity.

8. Short domain name:
Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website’s domain is very short- People don’t feel any boredom to write its address.

9. Online billing system:
By using this website people can pay there bill easily. Here the online billing system is available.

10. News letter/Publications:
Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website provides the facility to read news letter of BTTB in the website.


Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website’s has many weaknesses. Bangladesh Bank website involves many topics which of all are not well presented and some of them face some faults. This website is compare to another central bank or good design website. The following weaknesses are found-

1. Lack of updated data:
Maximum data of the Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website are backdated. No updated data are not presented there. It does not update its data on the regular basis.

2. Lack of instant service:
This website does not provide any types of instant service to its customer or client. But it is very important to any types of Telegraph & Telephone business.

3. Lack of search options:
There is no search option in the Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website. But in most websites it is presented. Because it helps to attract the visitor.

4. Absence of breaking news options:
To attract visitor, in an website breaking news must be presented. Visitor can go to the website to know the news of the world at that moment. Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website does not provide the breaking news options. But many telegraph & telephone business organization’s website provide breaking news.

5. Absence of attractive design:
Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website’s design is not so attractive like others. The design is very simple. Images are not presented. But the design of the website attracts the visitor.

6. More PDF and Excel file:
There are many PDF and excel files are included in the Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website which may damage the websites popularity.

7. Lack of (FAQ) system:
Most of the website are kept an options of frequently answer question (FAQ). But in this website there is no existence of it.

8. Language options:
Most of the popular website of the world uses two types (version) of language. One is International language (English) and other is mother tongue. But in the BTTB website ignores this language options.

9. Absence of date of last update:
There is no date of last update of data and information in the Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website. For this reasons a visitor can’t understand about the time of data updating.

10. Absence of the number of visitor:
In this web the visitor’s number are not shown. But if it is shown one can able to know the total visitor of this site.

To overcome the weakness and problem of this website and to attract more visitor BTTB takes following necessary steps-

1. This website should include more and more related topics.
2. This website should publish the updating date.
3. This website should publish the breaking news for its visitor.
4. This website should reduce the PDF and Excel file format.
5. This website should include the update data.
6. This website should be published in two types of language. One is English & another is our mother tongue Bengali.
7. This website try to provide instant service to the customer.
8. This website’s design, graphics and other related things must be improved.
9. This website should reduce the unnecessary file.
10. The website should provide credible, original content in as many forms as possible

Finally we can say that Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board’s website must develop day by day to attract and increase its visitor. If Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board is failed to do it, then visitor will not come to visit this website. Since Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board is the main power to serve the country by Telegraph & Telephone system, so its website should be a rich one to ensure the availability of information to the interested users.
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